Autumn 2012

Home made soup of the day with white or granary bread   £4.95


Local ham with roasted apples & red onions £4.95

Cornish cheddar and home made chutney of the week   £4.80

Stokely Farm Sausages, from up the road, with red onion chutney   £4.95

Brie with warm rosemary & garlic mushrooms £4.95

Add a cup of soup for   £2.50


Ham or cheese  sandwich  with crunchy veg sticks    £2.95

Peanut butter, jam or marmite sandwich with crunchy veg sticks   £2.60

Small portion of soup    £2.90

Scones and cream teas

2 freshly baked scones, either fruit or plain, with plenty of jam and clotted cream, served with a pot of tea or a coffee    £5.50

Scone with jam and cream    £2.75

Scone and butter    £2.30

Toasted Tea Cake & Butter    £1.90



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